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Discover How Amazing La Vida Bella Truly Is
Questions You Might Have
Where is this crazy cool project?
Located just 2 miles from I-84, 9 Miles to the closest Costco, Home depot, Winco, Costa Vida, Texas Road House, shopping and many more, 3 miles to the nearest movie theater and down town Caldwell.  (See Map Here) 

Is there going to be membership allowed?
We are not selling individual memberships. This community is for residences only! Woohoo! 

How do we put our name on a lot?
Go to our contact us page and fill out the form and we will get back with you as soon as we are done with our ski set! 

Do you have to use the communities preferred builders?
You don’t have to use our builders, lot owners can choose their own builder if approved by the subdivision committee. It would be highly recommended to use one of our partners as they see the vision of what La bella Vida is all about. 

How many boats can be on the lake at one time?
Our lake is a controlled boating atmosphere! No wake pollution here! We allow one boat at a time giving each rider/skier the safest smoothest water they have EVER experienced. 

Can you ride Jet skis on the lake?
You bet! We all enjoy the water a little differently. There will be a time limit on the use if there are other water enthusiast ready to enjoy the water. 

Will there be a lake that boats are not allowed on?
We will have one lake that will be a no wake lake where boats will be traveling from their dock to the ski lakes. The no wake lake will be a great place to paddle board or enjoy any of the lower impact water sports. 

Is there a schedule that you sign up on to use the lakes?
Nope! First come first serve, and then we rotate skier/riders as friendly neighbors. One rider preps for their session while the other skier is enjoying their turn. Unless you are superman and can ski more than 15min at a time, then no one will have to wait long! 

Do I have to build a home within a certain amount of time?
No. However, every individually owned lot must be landscaped within one year of the purchase date. It is in everyone’s best interest that the entire development has a finished look. 

What types of boats are allowed on the lakes?
Inboards only. This includes both mid engine direct drives and V-drives less than 24' in length. I/O’s are not allowed.
Can my friends use the lakes?
Guests are the best! We wholeheartedly welcome friends and family as long as residents are boating along with their guests. 

How About the Fishing?
We have an amazing natural habitat. If you love to fish we have trophy sized bass just waiting to give you a fight.
An Active Centered Community
Live The Dream Life
La Bella Vida is a community like no other in the state of Idaho. Enjoy 90+ acres of lakes, if it be water skiing, wake boarding, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, the list can go on and on!
Enjoy Life On The Water
Imagine waking up every morning on your water-front property and looking out your back window to a lake ready for you to enjoy whenever you would like...
Endless Possibilities For Play
Enjoy 90+ acres of lakes, if it be water skiing, wake boarding, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, the list can go on and on! Come and Play EVERYDAY at La Vida Bella!
A Community Focused on Family
Families that want to make memories every day. We are creating a place for like minded folks to come together and enjoy our beautiful home, surrounded by 180 acres of Mather Nature’s best! 
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